barf radio

by stumpf

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dylan thumbnail
dylan i think stumpf is still my favorite band lol Favorite track: the haunt.
Reagan Yancey
Reagan Yancey thumbnail
Reagan Yancey i'm beyond sad that i won't get to see them again!
juliet echo
juliet echo thumbnail
juliet echo The future of indie music. Simultaneously passionate and disconnected. What more could you ask for? Favorite track: bad liar.
Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz the new krill my ass Favorite track: the haunt.
Aidan Breen
Aidan Breen thumbnail
Aidan Breen what do you even say about an album like this? could say something like "wow so great to see a friend blossom into creative beauty during hard times and finally get the appreciation he deserves" but instead i'll just say its a loafy masterwork that has more heart than a valentines day close-out sale. Favorite track: bad liar.
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this ones for eeyore


released September 8, 2015

written and recorded by Donnie Blue & Aaron Landy in Space (boston)



all rights reserved


stumpf Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: faucet
good to see you
nice to hear that your only hopeful i like where your heads at

keep holding on
to a helpless falling dirt crumb
haunted by my memory ill throw it out the window

why i would love to save ourselves just for you
you took a hit for everyone else
take me away

pick me up and pour me out dirty faucet i want to eat the dirt
or the dust its been here waiting so tell me what he heard
youv got something i don’t know it
i think its all the dust in your head you haven’t swept yet
i hope it won’t fall far from where i was found
buried and sunken someplace far down in the sand
Track Name: no moon
oh if i ever do lets go real far away
one day i know we would die
it would go

oh what happened to me
we were haunted a ghost was here
take hold but don’t look down i wouldn’t know if i hit the ground
all because I’m not dead until all bets are off
id love to be with you

Track Name: smugs
hear so clearly soft and completely so often I’m empty
little snot bubble so long all the trouble he’s got lovers and cuddles
but kiddo those weirdos and freaks are my heroes if i could id just go

messed up young fuck ups we slipped on some bad luck won’t spill out of my glass mug a big hug a friend that won’t give up amends and some make up he’s got make up on freak out don’t bleed out we still have to be crowned if we could just lay down
Track Name: bad liar
lets hit my head lets get fucked up and sad
i had some help but now i feel bad
cause they're all gone I'm falling away
it got so cold i don't want to stay
they say that I'm a bastard dog
cause i don't care if i get destroyed
when i escape i always get caught
it is a lie and i haven't forgot
when i got back i wasted a lie
and i was there when you spat in my eye

one day ill wake up all torn
its happened so much before

say your prayer I'm a fucked up lie
i know snot fair i don't want to die
id do my hair if i had some more time
i had nowhere else i could hide
free your death I'm okay
im so aware I'm going insane
and all this time i made up a lie
i thought was time wasting my life

believe me
i fought so hard
I'm keeping
the coffin warm
now I'm wasted
lets watch me die
in a basement i got too high
one day ill wake up alone
i still haven't found my home
Track Name: mad trist
I’ve been awake for too long
and I’m going mad
happened just like i had thought
I’m so full of it

keep finding out I’m alone
and I’m not upset
but how come I’m never at home
no matter where i am

ill be your friend
I’ve been before i had the fear
and then ill fall asleep for everyone i know who needs a dream
and then ill wait around for more
Track Name: the haunt
when I’m talking to no one
somethings happen ill be different
broke my cellphone trashcan have it
stuck in smoke
i cut my arm and hair
smile backwards over nothing haven’t seen you i won’t look

feel like children on a walk, unsure if we'll ever grow up

lie to all your kids won’t fit in its too bad
i heard all i could say wasted away all for the haunt

i had a view
of heaven falling i got tired
its ontop of unmade beds
I'm losing my mind and voice
still be shouting cant allow me to feel anything anymore

feel like children on a walk, unsure if we'll ever grow up

lie to all your kids won’t fit in its too bad
i heard all i could say wasted away all for the haunt
Track Name: same old cloud
i could see so clear with my heart burnt out
you could meet us there lets float around

its an endless horror did you see its head
its a broken record could you feel so bad

i could tell i looked in the wrong place
Track Name: barf radio
dont fake your death
we'll be alright
heart broke my head
stayed up all night
away with you until we're dead
i hit my heart against my head
its gone

your eyes
just keep them open
the best love that we could
dig out the ground
with all the guts and broken bones

and now i know I'm nothing
oh i don't matter
our lonely broken hearts can do some good
and oh man one day
ill be so happy
alone in my grave safe and sound